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Hot Fitness Models - Jennifer Nicole Lee

This page is a celebration of the female form for both men and women.

Hopefully it will serve as an inspiration to women to see what is possible to achieve if you put the work in and of course men will like it because the women on it are gorgeous.

What these fitness models have achieved is also possible for you to achieve as well and what they all have in common is that they were not always gorgeous women with fantastic bodies. Jennifer Nicole Lee above once weighed 200 pounds (91kg). She lost 70 pounds (32kg)and went on to win 'Miss Bikini America'. If the women on this page can do can too.

Your body is just the beginning. If you can control and shape it then you can take charge of other areas of your life, for the better.

1) Jennifer Nicole Lee - Fitness Guru

JNL hot fitness models

Jennifer is one of the world's most accomplished Hot Fitness Models, and is an international celebrity due to her high profile wellness merchandise and key media appearances. Jennifer’s career as a top fitness expert and icon began when she gained 200 pounds after the birth of her children. She lost over 80 lbs and was crowned 'Miss Bikini America'.

Her motivational weight loss success story caught the world’s attention, after she gained columns of accolades as a professional fitness competitor, holding countless titles and crowns. She gained international notoriety, due to her incredible transformation, and was soon a frequent guest on major national talk shows, such as The Oprah Winfrey Oprah, E! Entertainment, Fox and Friends, Extra, The Secret Lives of Women, and most recent being highlighted as the top ultimate “pitchwoman” and presenter on Discovery’s “Pitchmen” show, showcasing her captivating and strong TV sales power. To date she has appeared on a record breaking 44 magazine covers making her our top hot fitness model

2) Lindy Olsen - 3 time world figure champion

Lindy Olsen world champion

Australian, Lindy olsen was a size 14 and didn't find fitness easy but now she is a world champion, fitness professional and one of the hot fitness models I have chosen for this site because she started out just like you. Lindy says 'For the first time in my life I am happy with myself, I am finally comfortable in my own skin and I love life! This is a statement that I am proud to be able to say and if you’d asked me 8 years ago how I felt about myself, my answer would have been very different indeed.

To tell the truth, my story starts the same as a million others, but the choices I made and the small changes I adopted changed my entire world… I’m no different to any other person, I’m not special or lucky, I just had a dream that I didn’t let go of.' Find out more about Lindy at

3) Marzia Prince - 2007 Ms Bikini Universe

Marzia Prince fitness model

Unlike many of the women here who had to deal with being overweight, Marzia had the opposite problem. As she says ‘Being a thin girl with a high metabolism was hard for me to keep the weight on. I know many women would love to have this but as soon as I stopped working out…my muscle deflated and I was stick girl again! I was three years into my nursing degree when I decided I wanted to help people in a different way. I saw great results from my personal trainer! I went from a skinny stick to a shapely siren! I loved the curves from the muscle and it was then that I decided to pursue a different career path.

I loved training and eating well and I felt so awesome that I wanted everyone around me to feel as good as I did. I think women with muscle tone portray a very healthy image. An image I wanted to have. After some trial and errors, I found what worked for me. So to get to where I am now, honestly…maybe a couple years of muscle building and diet tweaking. I just want to say to all these women who are scared to lift weights – It would be the best move of your life! With intense weight training women will get smaller and firmer, not big and bulky!

4) Mitchie De Leon - weight loss warrior

Michie De Leon weight loss warrior

Joining the ranks of our hot fitness models, fitness became an important part of Mitchie's life after two major life-changing events. After high school, she gained over 60 lbs and weighed 208 lbs. After realizing that she was heading towards a path that would lead to diabetes, hypertension and many other potential ailments, she realized that she needed to lose weight to stay healthy. In her own words 'I began to lose weight and maintained my weight for several years'.

Then, 'in 2007 my mom passed away from the ailments I tried avoiding. She had diabetes, hypertension and many other ailments that lead to a massive heart attack. After her passing and going through a season of grieving, I was even more determined to commit myself to live a fit lifestyle and by doing so, inspire and encourage others to do the same. I began to train my body so that I could become an NPC bikini competitor, lost 30 additional lbs in the process' She is now a hot fitness model, writer and loves to be involved in the fitness industry

5) Dr. Sara Solomon - WBFF Pro-Fitness Model

sara solomon

From an unpopular, introverted loner in high school, often ridiculed for her quirkiness and pre-pubescent appearance to a hot fitness model today. After 8 years of university, completing physiotherapy and dentistry degrees Sara had gained weight. She longed for a toned athletic look, but despite regular exercising, was unable to achieve any visible results. In her own words, ‘The year was 2008. I was crying to my gorgeous 5’10”, 115 lb. sister on the phone about how much I hated my body. I had thunder thighs, unsightly cellulite, love handles and a bloated belly. Baggy tops were a staple in my wardrobe and I never wore a bikini in public. I barely had any friends, my boyfriend had just cheated on me and I did not want to have another boyfriend because I felt undesirable. My self-esteem was at an all time low. Instead of consoling me, my older sister, whom I love dearly, gave me some very tough love. She yelled at me, “Sara, stop crying! In the time you took to call me and complain about your body, you could have been doing something about it!"

'Who would have thought that three years later I would be calling my sister to tell her I am a WBFF Pro Fitness Model being featured in internationally recognized fitness magazines. It was not an easy road, but thanks to my sister, I no longer waste my time complaining or making excuses. I just do it. Obviously there are numerous health benefits to losing weight and improving fitness. The most unexpected ancillary benefit, however, has been my dramatic increase in self-confidence. I’m no longer the introverted insecure loner I once was in high school. Thanks to fitness, I have come out of my shell'. Like all of the women here, this hot fitness model is an inspiration

6) Toneka Pires - Inspiration

Toneka pires hot fitness models

Toneka's path to joining the ranks of hot fitness models and wellness has been a winding and uphill battle. She says 'Until my mid-twenties, I listened to negative voices that told me I was fat and ugly; I believed I was not worthy. While some of those negative voices came from well-meaning family and friends, many came from my own heart. I didn’t think I could achieve much of anything; I didn’t believe that I deserved to try to achieve more; I didn’t believe that I was a beautiful human being at all. I lived, like so many you, simply doing what others thought I ought to and managing to stay on a course of misery and mediocrity. This was my normal – avoiding thinking too much about who I was, not setting goals for myself, not loving myself nor desiring for more in my life and my wellbeing. I internalized these negative voices, allowed my self-esteem to plummet,and practiced a daily regime of self-loathing'. Not the attitude of a hot fitness model!!!

However, 'In 2001, some small piece of me had had enough. I took a couple of simple steps; I began to lose a few pounds and channeled the disparaging voices into positive fuel for me to change my life. I set the goal of entering my first fitness show at the end of 2002, not knowing that I would be derailed even before I got on that stage. Two weeks before my first show, a drunk driver hit me. I found myself in the hospital, facing months of physical therapy, wanting to crumble into depression and self-loathing because this body was broken and ugly once again. An entire year of hard work and progress had been taken away from me. I wanted to give up. I did not have the strength to begin this process all over again. Yet an entire lifetime was laid out in front of me. A year of progress had been wasted by someone else’s poor and wasted judgment, but I had learned a year of life lessons. Two other peoples’ lives had been lost in that accident, but I realized that I had my life and I held it in my own hands; I could do anything I wanted to with it. I had a second chance to get my life right.

After therapy concluded, she embarked on her journey to hot fitness model 'I began to truly transform my physique, losing almost twenty-five pounds and gaining in every other aspect of my life. At every crossroad, when I achieved a goal or lost another pound, I found that my determination grew, my focus intensified, and my energy blossomed. I began to look inside myself and saw increasing amounts of self-esteem, love and healing. Not every day was fueled by a positive cycle. The negative voices that I was able to shut out were not truly silent: you are too curvy; you are not tough enough; you are not pretty enough, you will never have what it takes to make it. In fact, I realized that the higher you climb and the more public accolades you achieve, the more direct people will be in expressing their desire to tear you down. I learned to use others’ negativity to fuel my fire. Over the next six years I faced these challenges, embracing the wellness that my bodily transformation was creating' Soon, Toneka joined the ranks of hot fitness models

'To this day I have to acknowledge and be aware of what I have accomplished: winning thirteen fitness championships, establishing a successful company, co-author of my first book, mentoring and tutoring children that are less fortunate, and giving back to the world by actively supporting charities'. No wonder she is in our list of hot fitness models.

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