Is lifetime fitness possible?
Is the body you have,
the body you want?

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Lifetime fitness? Is it a dream to want to live in a healthy, fit and attractive body that stays that way for a lifetime? One that will not only provide you with lifetime fitness and minimal illness into advanced age but a body that is admired by others, attractive to the opposite sex and sings with is more than the absence of disease, it is a body bursting with vitality... an electric physique!!

This site is an amalgam of my experiences, research and learnings in my pursuit of the perfect body for me, and in that process hopefully you will be able to realise the perfect body for you as well, for a lifetime. It is based on evolutionary principles and 15 years of anthropological research.

This site and my body are works in progress so bear with me as they gradually improve over time, as will yours. Our bodies are generally the only thing we have direct control over and most of us don't exercise that control and wonder why other areas of our life aren't working either.

That's why the motto of this site is 'Your body is just the beginning'. Take control of your body and build a foundation of success and it can bleed through into other areas of your life. You will still need other tools to affect those areas so it is not a given, but if you start with your body you begin a process of transformation that can have far-reaching effects that you never imagined.

I am an evolutionary anthropologist and so I am influenced by the research on hunter-gatherers and their diet and exercise patterns. Our modern lifestyle is at odds with our biological/evolutionary past. By emulating the diet and exercise patterns of our ancestors and combining that with the best of modern supplementation we have the potential to achieve lifetime fitness.

Connected to the health,vitality and shape of our body is the underlying quality that everyone wants - attractiveness. Although people continue to say that it is what's on the inside that counts the world continually proves that wrong by lauding supermodels and hollywood hunks...and with good reason. It is the way we are built, to be attracted to certain looks and body shapes more than others.

The beauty of the human body is that it can be molded anyway that we want it, if we put the right food into it and train it the right way. Our modern world does not encourage us to eat the best foods or to use our bodies in such a way as to keep them in good shape.

This site deals with a host of health related issues including fitness, diet, supplements, the principles of attractiveness, advantages of beauty, and I hope it will appeal to everyone who is seeking lifetime fitness. Don't be concerned if you slip back and have to start again and repeat this many times. After all 'Why do we fall?...So that we can learn to pick ourselves up'. Take the long-term view.

We need to question what we are doing with our bodies and whether it aids our overall goals. Many years ago I joined the Australian Special Forces. I was incredibly fit but the long-term impact of the training and demands on my body was not good. Most Special Forces people are carrying injuries of one form or another. In the short-term we force our bodies to achieve the goals that we demand of it without realising we may be sacrificing our long-term health.

What is fitness? Some of the fittest people in the world are in Special Forces but that doesn't mean they live long lives (though some do). The lifestyle involved with special forces often involves, alcohol, lack of sleep and junk food. My commanding officer was very fit but suffered a stroke in his forties and a good friend from the New Zealand SAS died of a heart attack at 50.

What about Astronauts? Again, incredibly fit people but I noted recently that Sally Ride, America's first female astronaut on the space shuttle died of pancreatic cancer at 61. Of the career astronauts who have not been killed in accidents, most died from either heart attack, cancer or brain tumours.

What about bodybuilders? A decade back my good friend Manny won the Fitness Universe title. He looked amazing and was incredibly fit but died two weeks before he was to defend his title in Germany the following year. He also was 61. But Manny was not alone. Many bodybuilders have died before the age of 60, mainly from stroke, heart attack, cancer (though to be fair many have lived long lives as well).

So fitness on its own is not enough. Health is more important and that has more to do with diet. Many disease conditions including cancer, diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure can all be reversed through dietary means.

Is it easy? No. As one of my special forces sargeants said to me once 'If what we did was easy, everyone would be doing it!!' And that applies to health and fitness as well. It requires some effort but habits often become enjoyable. Look at the video below and get inspired

This website covers a variety of diets and aspects of fitness as well as human attraction. After all, why do humans do anything? Often it is just to look good. Nothing wrong with that but I hope to help you look good and be healthy at the same time.

Whether you are fat, thin or in-between, I'd like you to join me on this adventure towards health, fitness, longevity, attractiveness and the perfect body for each of us for a lifetime.

Welcome aboard.

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