Weight Gain Diet

This weight gain diet is the one that I used to gain 8kg in 6 weeks (74-82kg).  I don't pretend that it is a healthy diet and it will result in some fat gain as well.  However, if you are training with either bodyweight or free weights (or gym machines) then it shouldn't matter too much as you will eventually lose the fat.. 

The diet will allow you to gain weight fast,  Don't do cardio while you are on this diet as it will interfere with your weight gain.  Do  it for 6 weeks to break the homeostasis (the body's resistance to changing weight) and then resume a normal diet and allow the new weight to settle for at least 6 weeks.  If you start to lose weight in this time, eat more carbohydrates to maintain your weight.

After the minimum 6 weeks to allow the weight to settle, if you need to gain more weight, start the weight gain diet again for 6 weeks and again allow the new wait to settle for a minimum further 6 weeks.  In this way you will gradually increase your weight in bursts and be working with homeostasis rather than against it. 

I have given a ten day sample of the diet I used so you could just follow it and repeat it 4 times to get you up to 6 weeks or you can substitute the foods that you like and use it as a rough guide.  The juice that I had was fresh carrot and vegetable juice.  I would stay away from fruit juice as it will just lead to fat gain.

This weight gain diet is not easy and I suggest you read my 'How to gain weight' page before embarking on it.  really eating a LOT is a painful experience but this weight gain diet will work if you do.

The Weight Gain Diet

Day 1

3:30 am  Protein/carbohydrate drink  (‘real gains’ weight gainer) with ice cream (+pancreatic enzymes)

6:00 am  Glass of juice with scoop of creatine

6-6:30am   Training

7:00 am  3 egg omelette (cheese and vegetables) and bowl of cereal(+pancreatic enzymes)(Vitamin D3, multivitamin)

9:00 am  Can of tuna and glass of milk

12:00 midday   Chicken and salad on lavash roll(+pancreatic enzymes)

2:30 pm  Nachos (cheese, corn chips, salsa, capsicum, onion) (+pancreatic enzymes)

6:30 pm Rice, meat rissole, steamed broccoli, peas, carrots(+pancreatic enzymes)

8:30 Cup of tea with milk and honey

9:00 pm Chicken and salad on lavash roll, protein/carb drink with ice cream(+pancreatic enzymes)

Drank water throughout the day

Day 2

6:00 am  Protein/carb drink with ice cream(+pancreatic enzymes)

8:30 am  Juice with creatine, Training

9:30 am 3 egg omelette (cheese and capsicum) (+pancreatic enzymes) (Vit. D3, multivitamin)

11:30 am Cup of tea with milk and honey, rice crackers and sweet biscuit)

12:30pm Udon (Japanese noodle soup with chicken) (+pancreatic enzymes)

4:00 pm Choc-top ice cream

6:00pm  Chicken wings, rice and Japanese curry (+pancreatic enzymes)

8:15pm 2 Glasses of milk and a third of a chocolate block

9:45pm  Potato bake, cup of cooked vegetables, egg souffle(+pancreatic enzymes)


Day 3

3:00 am Protein/carb drink with icecream

7:30 am  glass of cordial with creatine

8:00 am 3-egg omelette with broccoli and tomato, bowl of cereal with milk (vit. D3, multivitamin) (+pancreatic enzymes)

11:30 am  Protein/carb drink with ice cream

1:30 pm  Glass of milk, 4 pieces of chocolate

2:30 pm  Bowl of nachos (corn chips, cheese, tomato, salsa)

6:30 pm Fried rice, steamed veg, banana smoothie (+pancreatic enzymes)

8:00 pm Glass of milk and half a chocolate block

12 midnight  Protein/carb drink with icecream


Day 4

7:30am  Filter coffee with condensed milk

9:00am  Pasta and omelette (vitamins/enzymes)

12:00 Protein/carb drink

1:00pm Fried rice and Japanese curry

3:00pm 1 x banana, one bowl of fried rice, 2 bowls of cereal with milk

5:00pm   6 tim tam choc biscuits, one glass of milk

6:30pm  steak and fried veg, small egg soufflé. Protein/carb drink with ice cream (vitamins, enzymes)

10:30pm  Lavash (unleavened flat bread) roll with chicken and cooked vegetables, mayonnaise


Day 5

7:00   cordial and creatine

8am   3 egg omellette, rice, tomato, mushroom

11;30 Corn chips and salsa

12:30pm tea with milk and honey, can of sweet chilli tuna

3:15pm salad, fried rice, beef rissole

4:00pm  banana

6:00pm protein/carb drink with ice cream

9:30  Ramen noodle soup and pumpkin tempura

11:00   8 choc chip cookies, 3 small glasses of milk


Day 6

6:30am  Protein/carb drink with ice cream (vitamins)

7:30am Large plate of 3 egg omelette with rice, cauliflower, mushrooms, coconut milk

8:15am cordial with creatine (+pancreatic enzymes)

11:45 salad and 2 pieces tempura

12:15 Fried rice and rissole

12:45pm Chocolate milkshake

2:00pm rice crackers, (enzymes), cup of tea with honey and milk

2;30pm can of tandoori chicken

5:00pm  protein/carb drink with ice cream (enzyme)

6:30pm small egg pudding, noodles and vegetables (2 x small bowls)

9:15pm  6 x choc chip cookies, 2 glasses milk

9:45pm bowl of noodles plus tomato and onion salad

10:45pm 4 x choc chip cookies and 2 glasses milk

Day 7


6:45 creatine and cordial

7:45 Protein/carb drink with ice cream

9:00 am Chicken kebab with lettuce, tomato, onion

12:00pm iced chocolate

3:00pm  Bowl of noodles, 6 pieces of tempura

5:00pm Protein/carb drink with ice cream

8:30pm 4 sushi plates (rice, chicken, avocado, pork dumpling)


Day 8


4:00am  Protein/carb drink with ice cream

7:30am Cereal with milk

9:00am cordial with creatine

10:15am large plate containing rice, curry, can of sweet chilli tuna, noodles and veg. (+pancreatic enzymes)

12:30pm tomato, onion and can of tuna with corn and mayonnaise, one beef sausage.

2:30pm Noodles with veg

4:00pm Protein/carb drink with ice cream

6:00pm Choc top ice cream

8:30pm 5 plates of sushi (rice, chicken, avocado, pork dumplings, fried chicken)


Day 9


7:30am cordial with creatine

8:30pm protein/carb drink

9:00am udon (Japanese noodle soup)

11:30am hot chocolate

2:30pm large chicken satay and rice meal

8:30pm 3 glasses milk and block of chocolate

9:00pm noodles and veg

10:00pm Protein carb drink with ice cream (+pancreatic enzymes, vitamins)


Day 10


5:00am noodles and veg

7:30am 2 bowls cereal with milk

8:30 glass milk and chocolate cake

1:00pm chicken and salad lavash

3:30pm 1 x sausage, noodles and veg, 2 glasses milk and chocolate cake

6:30pm  2 gyoza (pork dumplings), 1 bowl noodles and veg

7:15pm protein/carb drink with ice cream

8:45pm Chicken and rice

10:00pm biscuits and tea with milk and honey


The only supplements you need for this weight gain diet are a good multi-vitamin plus a separate vitamin D3 capsule, creatine, a protein/carb weight gainer and most importantly pancreatic enzymes (you will probably need a prescription from your doctor for these) to help you digest the food. 

The weight gainer helps you keep up with calories when you are on the move and in the middle of the night when you wake up to drink it.  The pancreatic enzymes can be eliminated after the 6 weeks weight gain diet is finished.

With the weight gainer try and avoid ones with cheap calorie fillers like maltodextrin or sunflower oil.  Also avoid any containing words ending in 'ose' as these are generally just forms of sugar (except for Palatinose which is a good carb that is absorbed slowly and doesn't cause an insulin spike).  Inulin (NOT INSulin) is another good, slowly absorbed carb that the better weight gainers may use.

So that's it.  Follow this weight gain diet for 6 weeks and you will gain weight.  Remember to read my 'How to gain weight' diet page first before you begin.  Good luck.

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